Monday, April 9, 2012

Baseball Fever

Got baseball fever?
We have a cure for that...

Our hand stitched baseball rings seem to do the trick every time.

We charge $300 per ring, sizes 5-10.  We charge $325 for sizes bigger than 10. Rings are for both men and women.  We have made many sets for weddings and anniversaries, too.
Please order easily here through our website

*Prices subject to change accordingly.

Baseball fever is a serious condition.  We treat it accordingly:)


  1. Hello,
    I found this page on Pinterest & my fiance loved it. We wanted to know if it is possible to be made of gold?

    1. Yes, we can make it in gold! Please email us here for your size and we can quote the price based on your size request. Email us:

  2. Is there a Satisfaction guaranteed with the baseball ring? I know since they are handmade they come out differently. However some of the pictures the lacing sticks out more than others and I'm just wondering if that would hurt or not look as nice..

  3. We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee, but every customer has been 100% satisfied. Because each ring is handmade from start to finish, there is a very slight difference to them, but not a noticeable one. The laces that we make do stick out a bit, as to show the texture and style of a real baseball, but no one has complained that they hurt or bother them. Our rings are thick, so getting used to wearing a big ring might be the only thing that needs adjusting for someone. We encourage each client to get professionally sized, and we have sent pictures of completed rings with sizes shown. We also encourage our clients to look elsewhere, as there are many mass produced baseball rings, with very low stitching, that cost nearly 4 times as much. People love ours for the details, style, and personal transaction and commitment.

  4. Is it possible to get this ring in black tungsten?